Luca Simoncini

Luca began his professional career in 2001 working with Manens (now Manens-Tifs), a collaboration that lasts to this day.
In over 10 years with Manens he has participated in a series of large operations as project manager, which have led him to develop technical and organizational skills in planning and managing projects.
After university in Padua, in 2008 he obtained a Masters in Project Management from the University of Verona.
Since 2010 he guides UnaRes Engineering in collaborating with several Italian studios and enterprises.
So far he has participated as a key figure in the design of:

  • A total of over 500,000 (approximately 1,500,000 m³) of residential buildings, service industry buildings, commercial and hospitality (hotels, museums, auditoriums, gymnasiums);
  • Central heating and cooling power plants over 5 MW;
  • Plants for a total of over € 150 million.

Between 2010 and 2018, Luca has been an Advisor of the Ordine degli Ingegneri di Verona (Order of the Engineer of Verona).