Real Estate

A thorough knowledge of real estate and housing markets are the basis of our services, which are aimed at:

Individuals who want to understand the value of their home, or are looking to purchase a home and need an unbiased opinion on the property;

Real Estate Companies who require a feasibility study in order to understand the different scenarios of a real estate development.

Investors who wish to find out the physical and functional characteristics of the property, its potential income, operating costs and ordinary and extraordinary maintenance activities, its legal situation such as title deeds, building permits, urban situation etc.

Banks who want knowledge of the property they take as guaranteed security, the prudential value, the market value and the reference market.


Technical and financial evaluations

We specialize in valuating properties in relation to the territory and its future development.
UnaRes Real Estate consultancy is always in relation to the objectives of the client. Beginning from the asset analysis we consider the different uses for which the asset is intended (investment, mortgage, sale, lease) and ponder the different elements that characterize it, considering the highest and best use (the most probable use that generates the highest value of the property).
The reliable assessment of an asset which identifies the correct market price, is essential for an accurate asset management to determine whether to purchase, sell, share, rent, etc.


Due Diligence

Due Diligence of an asset allows purchasers/sellers to obtain its precise assessment and that of its features. In particular, it is divided into three phases:

  • Checking legal documentation: the act of origin, cadastral surveys, mortgages, contracts, abuses, amnesties, etc.
  • Technical assessment: responsiveness of plans filed “as is”, checking the state of the building, evaluation of the cost and time required for any adaptation of the property (repairs, alterations, change of use or redevelopment). This analysis also applies to environmental aspects as well as to structural and engineering ones.
  • Economic evaluation: the possibility of transformation/enhancement of the asset in relation to the area where it is located and the market trend.


Specialized consultancy

Real estate analysis and management of personal or corporate assets.
The analysis and management of real estate assets are oriented to defending the asset’s value and to increasing its profitability.
This is carried out through several actions:

  • Activities to dispose of buildings that are no longer attractive in a real estate portfolio;
  • Market analysis;
  • Acquisition of new buildings;
  • Functional and technological value increase of the selected properties through Due Diligence;
  • Renewal and/or renegotiation of lease contracts;
  • Property divisions for inheritance needs.

Consulting and Technical Appraisal
UnaRes Real Estate provides specialized legal technical expert advice and appraisal for detecting and resolving real estate defects and disputes as a Party Technical Expert (CTP). We also supply sworn experts and collaborate with the Italian Republic Courts as certified technical advisers.
Our advice is aimed at resolving all issues to the Customer’s full satisfaction.