Order of the Engineer of Verona

The Order of the Engineer of Verona, the territorial expression of the National Council of Engineers (CNI), is the national organization of institutional representation for the relevant interests of the professional group of engineers. CNI is a public law entity supervised by the Ministry of Justice. The institutional tasks of CNI include, among others: the role of second degree judiciary for subscribers’ appeals and complaints concerning adverse decisions by the Council of the Association; expressing opinions, at the behest of the Ministry of Justice, concerning proposed laws and regulations relating to the profession; the function of Government advisor concerning professional matters. CNI plays a major role in promoting, developing and enhancing the engineer’s role in order to increase his influence in the society in which he operates and is committed to pursuing the growth of the profession at the service of the community. Luca Simoncini is in his second term as member of the Territorial Council of the Association of Engineers of Verona.