UnaRes Engineering provides Consultancy Services, Systems Design and Construction Management.
The services are aimed at professional clients (design studios and businesses) and individuals, who wish to see their needs transformed into system solutions.

This is achieved thanks to highly specialized techniques and clear communication, which allow us to provide the client with all the opportunities associated with different solutions and a customer protection guaranteed by internally structured specific skills.

Plant design consultancy

Our consulting business addresses end-customers and architects on three types of services:

  • Help the client interface with external plant studies (heating, air conditioning, water and sanitary systems, fire protection and electrical systems) when the customer needs an expert to whom relationships with external studios should be delegated in order to guarantee the achievement of his objectives.
  • Assess possible plant scenarios (heating, air conditioning, water and sanitary systems, fire protection and electrical systems) on behalf of the customer, defining the advantages and disadvantages which meet the needs of the customer, in compliance with legislative requirements and technical/economic feasibility.
  • Help architects during their first phase of development of the building, the identification of spaces and system paths in order to integrate these in the building more effectively.

Construction management

The Project Manager is the professional figure who ensures that works are carried out respecting the plan chosen by the customer and that the site maintains a regular progress.
This means that the project manager will be responsible for the correct execution of works, both from the technical and document points of view, ensuring compliance with agreed times and costs.
He is also a key figure in interfacing with contractors and the client in order to manage variations during construction and verify the work progress.
In order to increase our support to the customer we can also aid him when drawing up agreements with the companies.
At the conclusion of the works the project manager is responsible for obtaining, verifying and delivering all the documentation (required by law) necessary for the building’s management to the client.